Step Out

Step Out is our first discipleship bible study curriculum written by our co-founder Erin. It was written for her discipleship group of preteen/young teen girls to encourage them to learn the truth and to step away from the world, toward Christ, and into a life that matters.

We so much want you to pour into the lives of younger girls that we are offering this curriculum completely free of charge.

It’s all in there: an introduction, learning activities, the Bible Studies guides for leaders and weekly devotional notebooks for your girls.

Check it out for yourself!

Introduction to Step Out!

Week 1 Intro – LG

Week 1 Intro – SN

Week 2 Following Jesus – LG

Week 2 Following Jesus – SN

Week 3 Friendships – LG

Week 3 Friendships – SN

Week 4 Family – LG

Week 4 Family – SN

Week 5 Conduct – LG

Week 5 Conduct – SN

Week 6 Media – LG

Week 6 Media – SN

Week 7 Service – LG

Week 7 Service – SN

Week 8 Relationships – LG

Week 8 Relationships – SN

Week 9 Self Worth – LG

Week 9 Self Worth – SN


p.s. LG = Leader Guide (that’s for you); SN = Student Notebook (that’s for the girls)



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