Things We Love

So, in case you were wondering, our goal is not to compete with any other website, blog, book or ministry. In fact, just the opposite is true. Our desire is to partner with like-minded organizations so that you can have all the resources you need to live an amazing, free and Christ-centered life. If we don’t have what you need on this blog, we want to point you to someone who does.

These blogs, charities, personalities and ministries are not sponsors of ours and none of them have paid for placement. This is the real-deal Things We Love! Be assured that we are only sharing them because they have been beneficial and meaningful in our lives and our personal development.*

Finds of the Month





Podcasts & People


Beauty & Buys


*Please note: While we recommend these resources, Rediscovered is not officially affiliated with any of these organizations or personalities. The views and opinions reflected in these resources do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Rediscovered or the Rediscovered team. As always, we recommend Spiritual discernment through prayer & God’s Word when taking in the thoughts & opinions of others.


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