Happy 2015 to all! As we have mentioned, 2014 was a year of pretty big changes for all of us. New jobs for ourselves and our husbands, new houses, going back to school, and two new human beings. In case you haven’t yet, please gaze on the beautiful faces of Luke Andrew Elliott and Crews Stephen Eldridge.


Luke Andrew Elliott


Crews Stephen Eldridge








Let me just say that I (Erin) have met both of these boys and they are perfect. And their moms (Melissa and Whitney) are both champs and are doing wonderfully.

So when Melissa told me she had written this post about some of the facts of life that come along with being a mom, I read it and thought it spoke well about the changes that all of us are going through. When changes come, priorities have to shift a little and things may fall by the wayside for a while.

That’s definitely happened with us and this blog. As all of us have had to deal with new responsibilities, we’ve had to give ourselves a little grace in regards to Rediscovered (and about a billion other things in our lives).

Maybe that’s something we can all try to do in 2015, give ourselves some grace.

Jesus has already given us grace to cover every part of our lives–not just the “big stuff,” but even the tiniest little areas where we feel like failures. If He has given us this kind of grace, maybe we can try to give it to ourselves as well.

All that to say: we’re still here, we still love doing this, and we still want to seek out truth with you; we’re just giving ourselves a little grace as we try to find a new “normal.”

So, without further ado, a new post from the one and only Melissa Elliott:


I have always had a neat and organized personality. Just by preference I have always wanted things clean and logically organized. It makes my soul happy and eases my stress. A messy and disorganized home can throw me over the edge on a bad day. My husband has graciously attempted to understand this preference and tries to help me achieve this peace.

But let me tell you the story of my life right now.

This past semester I began to work part-time as a teacher in preparation for my coming baby. I had all this time in the afternoon and wanted to be the “best wife” I could be, so I created a weekly cleaning schedule. I know it may sound a bit structured, but I enjoyed it! I got into this routine of cleaning bathrooms on Tuesdays, dusting on Wednesdays, and cleaning floors on Thursdays. It was awesome!

And then the baby came.

I could no longer keep a clean and organized home.

The laundry piled as high as I am tall before I got to it. The dishes covered the counters. My bedroom was a mess of clothes all over the floor and bed sheets twisted up in knots. It was a good day if I could grab a quick shower during Luke’s nap.

I can only hope that one day I will be able to return to that cleaning schedule and my clean and organized home (and I know how silly that sounds). But now I look at that cleaning schedule and just laugh.

However, during this time of a reality check, I struggled with feeling like a mess to myself, to my husband, and to everyone who visited my home.

It was during this time that I was forced to lean into the grace Jesus gives. I needed to lighten up on myself, accept grace, and realize that Christ isn’t interested in my neat and organized house. He is interested in my dependence on Him only. This verse rang true in my heart and mind:

And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

The thing is, I am dependent on Christ only. When my weakness is at its height, Christ carries the burden and becomes my strength. That is what He has promised to me in His covenant with me; He fulfills His promises. In my weakness of heart His strength can shine through.

So, friend, whether you have just had a baby, have a physical or emotional weakness, are going through a difficult circumstance, or even if things are going great – lean into grace. You don’t have to do it all, be it all, or pretend everything is okay. In your weakness, ask for His strength and He will give it to you. Christ promises to be our strength in weakness. Lean into grace.

– Melissa


Lean into Grace: Learning to Find Grace in not Having it all Together

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