Celebrating Rediscovered’s second year!

Hello friends!

Rediscovered just officially celebrated its second birthday! Honestly, we can’t believe it. We are so grateful for this blog, for each other — the Rediscovered team and all of our guest writers – and for you, the Rediscovered community and readers. We are so honored to be able to seek out and speak the truth with all of you.

We’re going to celebrate our second birthday the same way we celebrated our first: a break from new posts and from social media (mostly) during the month of September and then an awesome blow out virtual birthday party on October 1st (more details to come)!

During our break in September, we’ll not only be adjusting to some changes in our personal lives (new jobs, new master’s degrees and two new babies on the way!), but we’ll also be making some major changes on the website. The blog will be “under construction” during the month of September, and we cannot wait to reveal our new look on October 1st. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

So we hope you’ll look back through the archives this month and maybe even work on a post of your own to send to us. We’ll miss you, but we’ll see you at our birthday party, October 1st!

Whitney, Erin, Melissa & Rachel


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