32 Graphs About Everyday Things Are So Hilariously True. I could relate to almost every single one of these. – Erin

Given that we just celebrated Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I thought that this article on the medical account of Jesus death was interesting, it brought tears to my eyes and is worth a read. – Rachel











Whats Your Worldview? An Interactive Approach to Life’s Big Questions by James N. Anderson. Have you ever read a choose your own adventure book? One where depending on the answer you give to a set of questions sends you to a different page and so forth until you have chosen your ending? This book is very similar but it  deals with your worldview. It is a very quick read, but what I liked about it was reading all the world views and learning about viewpoints outside of my own. – Rachel









Maybe y’all already know that I love Lauren Winner. Her newest book Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis did not disappoint!   In an honest, funny, and refreshing way, she talks about getting through a difficult season in her personal and Spiritual life. – Erin


Beauty & Buys







Audrey Assad’s newest record Fortunate Fall (came out in August, but I just now got it) is a stinking masterpiece. Already one of my all-time favorites. – Erin

Needtobreathe came out with a new record this month, Rivers in the Wasteland, and it is incredibly good. Check it out! – Erin



This website, is amazing. You can keep a running list of food that you have on hand and it suggests recipes and meals for you from an enormous database, then you can save your favorites. Love it! – Erin

Finds of the Month – April

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