I waited five days after my missed period to take a test. I kept thinking, There is no way I am pregnant, I’m just a little late.

WRONG! The minute I peed on the the stick the little positive lines showed up. The box said it was supposed to take 2 minutes to show up, it took mine five seconds. I didn’t even bother to take another test. It was in that five seconds that my whole world turned upside down.

In this post, I want to describe the many things that my body has gone through so far in my first trimester. And as I begin this post, I must make a statement: What I am about to describe is NOT what everyone goes through. So, if you’re thinking of having a baby, don’t be discouraged by this post. So while it may not happen to you, here are a few things I’ve experienced:


I quickly began to feel incredibly nauseous. The kind where you just pray to throw up in hopes of gaining some relief. Who prays to God to throw up?! Pregnancy nausea has been said to only last in the morning, hence the name morning sickness. That is not always true. My nausea lasted all day from the minute I woke up to the minute I fell asleep. It was miserable.

However, I was able to get some relief. If this happens to you, ask your OB for some safe nausea medicine. They should be able to prescribe something for you. After I received this medicine, daily life was much easier to handle. I take one of these pills (they are like gold) every 8 hours and it keeps the nausea under control.

A few other tricks to help with nausea: B-Natal pops, eating a small snack every 1-2 hours, peppermint oil, peppermint tea, and ginger-ale.

Lack of energy

During the first trimester your baby is growing very quickly, and your baby’s vital organs are being formed. Because of this, your body is in overdrive to do what it needs to for the life inside of you. Your body is basically sustaining not only your life but your baby’s life. This will make you very tired. Basically, just listen to your body. If you need extra sleep, get extra sleep. Many days I would come home from work and just crash in bed, only getting up for dinner. Give yourself some slack and rest.

A few things I do to help: take a mid-day nap (when possible), drink peppermint tea, and take a bath.


Ok, ladies this is not something people say much about, but you will most likely deal with this. Your digestive system is slowing down because of hormones relaxing your muscles. Because of this, you will become constipated. Just go when you need to and take as much time as you need in the restroom. If it becomes painful, there are some safe over-the-counter medicines to help.

Back Pain

Oh boy, was I not expecting this! At about 8 weeks, I began to have this pain in my lower tail bone that shot down my left leg. It gradually got worse, to the point where getting up off the couch, getting out of bed, and walking around were almost impossible. The muscle pain was so intense I would occasionally just sit and cry. Through research, I found that as your uterus enlarges it puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. This nerve begins at your lower tail bone and runs down your leg. Sound familiar?

To ease this symptom I strongly recommend a GOOD chiropractor. I began to see a chiropractor and within two visits the pain has subsided greatly. On another note, this type of back pain does not normally happen during the first trimester. It normally begins when your baby is larger, somewhere in the later 2nd – 3rd trimester. I suppose I’m the odd ball in this pregnancy!


This is a funny one! I burp all the time, and I’m talking a man burp! There is nothing you can do about it, just say excuse me, laugh a little, and blame it on the baby!

Food Aversions

Personally, I dealt with more food aversions than food cravings. I lost my appetite for any meat, coffee (before baby I would drink 2 cups a day), eggs, pasta sauce, and others. Cooking became something I just couldn’t do. The smells of cooking meat made my stomach roll over. Basically, if I cooked dinner I wouldn’t be able to eat it. Luckily, my husband took over the cooking and that has really helped. All you can do is find what your body likes and eat that. For me, I eat a lot of cheese, fruits, vegetables, goldfish, and popsicles. On the plus side, the food aversions/cravings will quickly change from week to week, so its nothing to worry about.


When you are pregnant a ton of hormones are released into your body at the same time, causing an increase in emotional responses. Imagine your PMS emotions times 20 when you’re pregnant! The intense emotions did not hit me until about 12 weeks. I began to cry several times a week over silly things! I would easily cry over movies, commercials, anything to do with pets, and anything to do with parents and their kids. I also found myself getting very stressed, even more easily than I normally do. In all honesty, I have not yet figured out how to handle the intense, hormonal emotions. The best I can do is just realize that the emotions are pregnancy related. Again, this is an area where you can give yourself some slack.

As I find myself heading into the second trimester, I am feeling many things. My nausea, lack of energy, and back pain have subsided. I finally feel normal and able to function daily, and for that I am very grateful. For all you first trimester mommies – there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

I also find my love for my baby has grown incredibly. Although I cannot yet feel the baby move, I am overcome with this incredible, protective, all-consuming love for this child growing inside.

Prayers for my child are never ceasing, and joyful thoughts of what’s to come are constant. Although I would not wish to live through the first ten weeks again, I am very thankful for this little miracle.

In the next few weeks we will find out the sex of our baby! Any predictions? Boy or girl?



An Honest Look at the First Trimester

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