I cried laughing reading Buzzfeed’s “28 Things that People with Big Boobs Can Simply Never Do.” Maybe you can relate too. — Erin

I have recently been struggling a lot with cynicism, and I am realizing how much bitterness and anger has grown in me because of it. When I read this article by Paul Maxwell on the Desiring God website, it immediately sunk in. My disposition toward others, the negativity I felt like I was drowning in. He hit the nail on the head. Cynicism is so easy to fall into in a world that praises it. Maybe this will help you see it for what it is, too. Putting off cynicism Whitney

Think you know your Bible translations? Maybe not like this … — Whitney


judeThis verse has meant a lot to me lately. So often I find myself trying to keep myself in God’s favor and it’s such a relief remembering that God is the one who keeps me from falling away. — Erin

I began reading Grace for the Good Girl a couple of weeks ago. This is maybe saying too much about myself *eek*, but this book feels like the memoir I could never find the words to write. I already know I’ll be reading it over and over for the rest of my life. There are no take-out quotes that could do this book justice. And the author runs a blog. Win, win, win. — Whitney



I stumbled upon a video by UnEarthed pictures that I have to share. Seeking to kill sexual exploitation at its root, UnEarthed sees the root of the problem as man’s heart. — Whitney

Keep Me a Child exists to tell God’s daughters that, regardless of how they’ve been treated, they are loved, pursued, cherished, and desired by the Father who made them.” This video is beautiful and a beautiful picture of the love we have in God. — Whitney



I haven’t gotten a chance to read a lot of this new blog I found today, but I already love what I’ve seen and can’t wait to dive in to some of the more difficult reads. Definitely worth checking out, especially for the women in your life who struggle with heartbreaking things like abortion or miscarriage. ScissorTailsSilk.com Whitney


Podcasts & People

Whether you agree with her stance or would have done it differently, I admire the courage it took for Natalie Grant to not only go to the Grammy awards, but  leave when the time called for it.  Whitney



Love the bad lip-reading videos. I was overjoyed to see they had done a second bad lip-reading for the NFL. — Erin


Beauty & Buys

download (1)Switchfoot came out with a new record this month. Definitely worth a listen! — Erin

I love love love love Hillsong United’s song Oceans. I will admit to driving in my car multiple times this week with my hand raised, tears pooling in my eyes. Just a beautiful reminder in the midst of hard times. — Whitney



Finds of the Month — January

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