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“It’s a violent war story. A cosmic war story. A conflict between fundamental forces of good and evil. As Mary labored in a place far from home, heaven and hell thundered and took up arms. … Jesus was born in a dungheap because that’s where he knew he’d find us.” This is just a couple of sentences from an amazing article, The Violence of Christmas, reminding me how radical, intense and merciful Christ’s birth actually was.

Yes, it’s true, Christmas is over, but you may yet benefit from some of these Christmas life hacks from Buzzfeed when packing up all your decor. — Erin

We shared one of these posts on social media already, but the entire blog series, Beyond Multiethnic from Christena Cleveland is ON FIRE! She looks at how different groups in the church can be unified and how we, as the church, can embrace groups that may carry a stigma with them. In the series she talks about embracing the lower-class, undocumented immigrants, singles and people with mental illness. Go read this series! — Erin

Podcasts & People

“When you come upon those who are economically poor, you cannot say to them, ‘Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!’ because you certainly did not do that spiritually. Jesus intervened for you. And you cannot say, ‘I won’t help you because you got yourself into this mess,’ since God came to earth, moved into you spiritually poor neighborhood, as it were, and helped you even though your spiritual problems were your own fault … those who are middle-class in spirit tend to be indifferent to the poor, but people who come to grasp the gospel of grace and become spiritually poor find their hearts gravitating toward the materially poor.”

Love this quote from Tim Keller — Erin


I thought this video was too cute not to share! Spunk and hilarity have to be part of her health plan, and those 100+ rows a day. — Whitney

Beauty & Buys

6823930_1I have loved the store Ten Thousand Villages ever since I stumbled upon some beautiful handmade paper a few years ago. They have unique and amazing items and the company is a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization. Great products for a great cause. — Whitney


Finds of the Month — December

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