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We’re so excited to come back refreshed and full of new ideas and hopes for this blog! Today’s post will be our first written by an anonymous contributor. Whether you have experienced the devastation of sex before marriage, or struggle with temptation in your current relationship, you are never alone. The writers of this blog have experienced struggles with lust, and we are grateful for our guest post today that brings hope to those who have regrets and heartache and who are searching for healing.

We at Rediscovered hope you find grace here.

To the girl who never stops searching
To the girl who desperately desires to grow up
To the girl who is, but, a girl

Don’t rush this.

From one girl who did,

Please, don’t rush this.

Don’t push against the door of your heart
The door that says, “Don’t go there — I know not to go there” …
After all, that door, so preciously placed within you
Will protect you if you let it
Don’t deny your Spirit the ability to save you

Don’t be persuaded by your dearest friends,
Your reckless friends, your naive friends.
They search as well

Perhaps they have found something,
But I promise you, sister, it isn’t to be coveted.
The attention, the experience, all is a facade
And you know this

Don’t allow your mind to crowd your heart.

Don’t give in, beautiful one.
Don’t let his words tug at the depths of your heart
And trick you into handing it over,
So quickly, so easily.
Don’t let him take you away — physically, emotionally,
Into a place you’ve always wanted to go
Once you’re there
You’ll want to abandon, to run.
Don’t be trapped in “too late”.

Don’t. Don’t.

But, if you have …
Oh, gentle soul, it’s okay to admit you were wrong.
It’s okay to admit pain
To admit the travesty of the war raging within you.
It’s okay to melt into tears and sobs in the gut-wrenching moments
Where all you can feel
Is the crashing waves of remorse.
Let yourself be there.
Let yourself grieve — and then,
When a moment of bravery hits you, give in to the arms of the One who created you
Who also spills tears with you.
He loves you past transgressions.
He loves you deeper than the dirt on your back
Than the choices you’ve made.
Your Father won’t abandon you – He’s already saved you
And all He wants is your admittance to His embrace.

My love,
Don’t worry.
Don’t harbor blame, guilt, anxiety
Don’t turn from forgiving yourself to the temptation of tearing down your worth
To any less than the Lord’s intention

Take it from someone who did for years
From someone who perpetuated her own hurt
From a scrape, to a knife wound, to a gaping hole
God’s grace covered it;
God’s embrace restored … but only after multiple transactions
Wrongful, corrupt transactions
Of my worth for a moment of cheap pleasure
Of worthless touch
You can rise above such war within yourself — not by yourself,
but by the terrifyingly simple bending of your knee to the Creator

To the girl who reads this, unknowing
To the girl who reads and understands …

I tell you because I love you
Because you are my sister
I tell you to spare you the pain
To relate in the pain
And to rise, together, from darkness to light
We can do this
You can do this
God will do this.
“Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Don’t tremble with fear. I am your God.”

*The author will graciously accept comments via Rediscovered. Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comments below and they will be relayed to the author. Or you can contact us anonymously.


A letter of healing and grace after lust and sex

2 thoughts on “A letter of healing and grace after lust and sex

  1. Wow! This post was raw, refreshing and real. Thank you sweet writer for this. You made my day and are making me smile, helping me to remember God’s grace has us covered and it’s all okay (:

  2. wow, this is so beautifully written and so overflowing with truth! “Don’t turn from forgiving yourself to the temptation of tearing down your worth
    To any less than the Lord’s intention” – his grace has covered. What wonderful news!!

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