august finds of the month


A Typical Day for a High Schooler in 2005 from Buzz feed. The mix CD, Strong Bad, IMing, the picture wall. I could definitely relate to this one. — Erin

This post about “Mom wars” hit me square in the face, but not about being a mom. Read it here and see if you relate as a women in the church today. And let’s stop being a part of the problem. — Whitney


The Explicit Gospel, by Matt Chandler, is flipping my theological world on its head. Growing up in a very typical “SBC” kind of way, I was never preached the true character of God like this, the true meaning of the Gospel like this, or the true nature of Sin like this. — Whitney


I loved the post When Life Moves Too Quickly by our friend Britney at the Bare Tribe Blog. I think you’ll find it refreshing too. — Erin

This post about our sometimes crazy expectations on men was written by my and my husband’s good friend Jarrod Terry. His points are true and thought-provoking. — Erin


The bible study I recommended here is taught by Jen Wilkin of The Village Church. She also writes a blog called The Beginning of Wisdom. It has some powerful messages tucked inside its posts. — Whitney

Podcasts & People

I loved this quote from Hannah Brencher this month. — Erin & Whitney

“To me, faith is not an argument I am hell-bent on winning. To me, this whole “believing in something” question has always been more fragile than the words we strap to the backs of one another and call it a belief system. … The world wants to talk so loudly about “religion,” and Christianity in general, and I simply wish I could fold all of people’s anger, and bruises, and hurts, into one big apology letter. To tell you I am sorry for the way human hands get their fingerprints all shoved up against the beauty of what grace was always supposed to be. Untainted. Untouched. Unfathomable for little things like us. I am sorry for the way imperfect, ill-equipped people have judged you, and scathed you, and shamed you, and forgotten you. That was never the definition of grace.Salvation was never a human thing.”

One of our guest writers, Laura, has a sister who is going to be moving to Kampala at the end of September to teach and serve Ugandan children. We are praying for Ashley and following her story here. — Whitney


This song is one that I needed right in the moment I heard it. Safe Place by Enter the Worship Circle. — Whitney

Beauty & Buys

 I love these prints by The Painted Arrow! Whitney


Words cannot express how much impact Andy Gullahorn’s music has had on my personal & spiritual life, and on my writing. He came out with a new CD this month & I would buy everyone a copy of it if I could. I don’t have that kind of money, so you’ll have to buy it yourself here, but it’s well worth it. You will laugh and cry, you will be encouraged and challenged and feel like you’ve just gone through therapy.  — Erin



To celebrate our first birthday as a part of the blog world, we are taking a sabbatical to refresh, create and refill. For the month of September we will have social media posting some of our older content for you to enjoy and, on October first, we will have a welcome back birthday party. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey’s first year, and please continue to support us in prayer.

Our last post this month will be posted this Saturday, August 31st, written by Erin’s mom! Look for it and we’ll see you in October!

— Love, Erin, Whitney & Melissa


Finds of the Month — August

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