july finds of the month


I loved & this post When your mother says she’s fat. We often don’t realize how our negative attitudes about ourselves can affect others. Every woman should read this. — Erin

This blog post by Ann Voskamp is convicting and re-assuring all at the same time. When you’re done with pundits, soul wrestling & looking at the sky: {25 things I learned from staying with Katie Davis}Melissa

Even though we post a lot of articles like this, I don’t think you can ever hear too many women say they accept themselves. Every time I read an article like this, I am proud of that women for her courage and thankful that she wants to share it with others. Jennie Runk: My life as a “plus-size” model. Whitney

I have friends who land all across the spectrum on this issue, but I thought this article had a good perspective. Marry Young. I got married at 23. What are the rest of you waiting for?  — Whitney


I want to say a huge thanks to Britney over at The Bare Tribe Blog  for hosting a contest I was so excited to win! (I never win anything!) The organization Forgotten Song donated a super cute t-shirt along with a bag of amazing coffee for the giveaway. Forgotten Song’s Director, Abby, wrote a post for Britney’s series After His Heart. Check it all out, and again, thanks so much to both of you! — Whitney

Podcasts & People

I just started a bible study through The Sermon on the Mount from The Village Church. I’m already amazed at how little knew about Jesus’ longest yet most misunderstood message. — Whitney

This quote from Donald Miller is so true & so challenging. — Erin
“Who is more weak in your opinion, a person who makes things up and sells a false narrative with confidence, or somebody who humbly admits we don’t have all the facts and yet we must go on trusting God all the same? Be careful with that question. Are we choosing false security over the truth, the truth being we can’t possibly know everything? I think many Christians today believe many things they simply can’t prove because those beliefs bring them a sense of control, security and comfort. What if God hasn’t given us all the information, and what if justice and order in the world doesn’t depend on us knowing everything anyway? What if truth lives outside of us whether we understand it or not? What if we are given just enough information to trust God and know Him but not fully understand Him or, for that matter, life itself? What if we are given some information but not all?” — Donald Miller

I’ve been listening to the band Citizens a lot lately. Great sound & super Biblically-based. — Erin


I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this video, but it shocked me so much I was speechless. I pray God lends me the grace to be this courageous and beautiful one day. — Whitney


Beauty & Buys

For someone like me who spends an embarrassing amount of money at Target, the Target Red Card is amazing. It’s hooked up directly to my bank account like a debit card, I automatically get 5% off every purchase & free shipping when I shop online. I should do commercials. — Erin


Our giveaway, of course, is the highlight of our Freebie Finds!!! Make sure to enter your real-life photo for a chance to win an amazing, (probably) useful and totally awesome prize package! The Real-Life Pinterest ContestWhitney, Erin & Melissa

Also, for your free entertainment that will take less than three seconds … Google Scotland’s national animal.





Finds of the Month — July

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