Sooo….just bein’ honest, the three of us have wracked our little brains and are having a hard time coming up with original (& good) snap topics. We’ve talked about a few options, but we want to get YOUR opinions. We can either…

1. Have really original,  but lame, snap topics every week. Meaning that, to stay original, we’d have to start having like “snaps for your coffee cup!” &  “snaps for hand sanitizer!” &  “snaps for the weird Asian wooden figurine  in your office!” (this isn’t really an option. It’s more sarcasm. Please no one choose option 1)

2. Repeat the topics that we’ve had in the past.

3. Put snaps on hold for a while, but still have some sort of fun, interactive, happy activity on Mondays. (If you like option 3, we’d also love to hear your ideas on what kind of said happy activity we could have).

Please darlings, let us know what you think! And by the way, we want to leave snaps for you, because we think you are AWESOME! Snaps for all our Rediscovered readers!


Erin, Whit & Melissa


Snaps – We Kinda Need Your Help

What do you think?

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