We’ve snapped for our own country already, but what are some other places you’ve visited? What have you learned and experienced in different cultures that has made your life richer? Leave your snap below, on facebook, or on twitter (#mondaysnaps)

Have a great Monday!

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Snaps for Other Countries

3 thoughts on “Snaps for Other Countries

  1. I’ve been so fortunate to have been able to go all the places I’ve been, but by far the most life-changing for me was getting to stay in the Middle East for 4 months. I learned so much about a different way of life and got to be used by God in some really amazing and unusual ways. I taught English, swam with sharks, made new friends, saw camels, ate amazing food, got to see some amazing history, and learned so much about a culture and a religion that is fascinating to me. It was difficult at the time to be so far from home and family for so long, but I made it a point to enjoy every minute of it. Almost 3 years later, I still think about my time there everyday.


  2. Snaps for Kenya! I went to Kenya two years ago on a missions trip with my school. It is a beautiful country filled with the most incredible people. A child in the slums splits a tiny piece of candy three ways so that her friends can have some too. Women who have HIV spend their free time praising the Lord and dancing joyfully, not allowing the disease to control their happiness. Everywhere we went in Kenya, people were about relationships. You sit and talk with people as long as you like before you move on to business matters.
    Time was so much slower there. People arrived “late” to a meeting because they were catching up with a neighbor they hadn’t seen in a while. Hardly anyone was rushing about trying to get a million things done in a short amount of time. Life just happens there and there is no sense in rushing it. It’s a truly beautiful thing to experience.

  3. Laura on Facebook: I cannot be more in love with traveling. I find that every type of culture and setting from urban to village to slum is vibrant in it’s own way. I love what I can learn from them (and when I travel I can’t journal fast enough. Seriously! I give up when I’m on day 8 and still journaling about day 2.) I especially love three things. 1. visiting Israel and seeing all of these locations that are spoken of in the Bible. It’ll send your scripture reading into technicolor! 2. traveling with my husband. He’s been bitten by the travel bug too and our relationship grows so much through the joys and the trials of travel. 3. Getting opportunities to serve and see where there is need outside of the world that we get so wrapped up in. My two months in Panama my senior year of high school will always define my heart and passion at that age. I hope it never leaves me.

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