May finds of the month


I have so many friends who are on both sides of this coin. I also have friends who are ready for marriage, but are waiting on God, and those who aren’t ready at all. This article speaks to a certain audience, and is in no way meant to offend. But I thought it was definitely worth the read: I got married at 23. What are the rest of you waiting for?  — Whitney



I love the “Love your Neighbor” post on the Storyline blog. So much of what I’ve been dealing with lately. — Erin

You may have seen a few posts on our blog from our friend Britney. She is a wife, mother, daughter of the King and has a blog dedicated to sharing the naked truth about her life. If 307706f5b6746993c4377591c52e7352you haven’t already, check out her blog! — Whitney


Podcasts & People

Ever hear voices that tell you you can’t do it or you’re not good enough? That’s why Jon Acuff started It gives you a chance to anonymously post what you’re voices are saying and others the chance to say they’ve heard the same. — Erin



Our small group from church did the Gospel in Life study by Tim Keller this semester and it was phenomenal. Awesome videos/curriculum for a class or small group. — Erin

Imagine a video of conversations between a father and his two-year-old daughter. Now imagine them reenacted by two grown men … Now stop imagining and watch this video, so hilarious! — Whitney


Beauty & Buys

My suggestion for this summer if you’ll be going to a lot of weddings, outside events, etc: buy at least one summer dress that you absolutely love, even if you have to splurge a little bit. I found this one at Maurice’s and I LOVE it! – Erin


If you’re fair-skinned like me, you’ll be looking for any way possible to avoid the summer lobster burn. Try these: Waterbabies sunscreen is my go-to for the summer and Ocean Potion Aloe Lotion is great for taking care of those too-red shoulders! – Whitney




I love hymns and Page CXVI has a free download of their B-sides up on their website! Yes, FREE! Check it out! – Whitney


I love Drew & Ellie Holcomb’s music. Ellie Holcomb’s Magnolia EP, based on the Psalms is on Noisetrade for free! You should definitely download it now! — Erin



Finds of the Month

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