A few weeks ago we had snaps for your country. No one, including us at Rediscovered, left any snaps. So we’re bringing it back out. Regardless of how you feel about the government, the laws & the politics, why are you thankful for your country? What do you think God has placed you here to do? Leave your snaps here or on facebook.

Love, Rediscovered


Snaps for your Country (again)

4 thoughts on “Snaps for your Country (again)

  1. After traveling to several different countries, I can truly see that I have more freedom and opportunities in the U.S. than I have almost anywhere else in the world. I am so thankful to be able to speak my mind & live my faith, & not have any restrictions placed on me because I’m a woman.

  2. On facebook

    Katie: I’m grateful that our country has more of the basic necessities without great trouble to get them. In my case, that there are handicap laws in place to be able to get around easier and I earnestly pray that we will continue to have freedom of religion.

  3. Whitney: This sounds so trivial, but clean, hot water for showers. I literally love love love hot showers and I honestly thank God for them everyday. I am not a morning person at all and it’s such a time of peace and quiet for me and wakes me up.

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