Your mail man, the barista at Starbucks, that awesome guy who let you over in traffic today. Sometimes people that you don’t even know can brighten your day. Who’s that random stranger for you? Leave a snap here or on the facebook page! Here’s hoping these snaps can start our week off right and chase away those Monday blues!

Love, Rediscovered


Snaps for Random Strangers

5 thoughts on “Snaps for Random Strangers

  1. I give snaps to our mailman. He always leaves packages underneath our carport instead of leaving them on the front porch where it could get stolen easier. That requires him to get out of the truck and walk quite a ways to put it in the carport; not all mailmen do that! Thank you!

  2. On facebook:

    Laura: I want to thank the awesome lady at Old Navy who helped me return a pair of jeans even though I had worn them twice and had no receipt (they smelled like plastic and it didn’t wash out!) I walked in ready for a fight. She was like “yeah, I can smell them from here. No problem”. I proceeded to go spend the whole refund amount plus another $20 more in her store.

    Erin: Snaps for the awesome busboy at the Panera by my work. He is so friendly and respectful that it stands out every time I go there. A few weeks ago, I went to find a table while Aaron waited on our food. When Aaron got our food, this guy showed him where I was sitting before Aaron had a chance to look. He always refills our drinks and brings us napkins even though that’s not his job. I need to find out his name so I can tell all this to the manager.

  3. Also on facebook

    Katie: I’m thankful for the ladies at Dress Barn who take my selections to the dressing room so that I can keep looking and how they give me a handicapped dressing room when available, which makes things easier

  4. And more on facebook:

    The UPS man that comes to my work every day is named Hightower. Every day he comes in and makes us laugh/smile. He is super nice and always has a skip in his step, which makes my day great – Whitney

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