Downplaying our dreams is one of the oldest defense mechanisms in the book. It protects us from being told our passions, goals and desires are impossible or foolish. But if you have a dream — something that keeps you awake at night and makes you want to get up every morning, there’s a huge possibility that it was given to you by God Himself. So what’s your dream? Your passion? Your vision? Why is it amazing and uniquely you and how could it change the world? Be proud of your dreams. Share them here or on the Facebook page.

– Erin & Whitney


Snaps for your Dreams

3 thoughts on “Snaps for your Dreams

  1. Whitney –
    I have two big-time dreams … okay, maybe more, but I’ll just share two.
    1.) I would love to work either as a mentor and through communications/PR with a Christian-based non-profit that mentors women and young girls for a number of different issues, or at a Christian women’s magazine as a writer.
    2.) Be a stay-at-home mom and freelance, or work part-time in the above jobs. My mom was always around when we were kids because of her job as a teacher. It really made a huge difference in my life and I can see now how much of a blessing that is. I want to be able to give that to my children.
    Okay, one more..
    3.) Become enraptured with God and truly become the woman He created me to be, living in life more abundantly than I am now or could conceive, shaking off stigmas, sins and comparisons that hold me back. But honestly, who doesn’t want that, right??

  2. Ok ready?
    When I was eight I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I was very professional about it. I emailed places like Sea World and asked what sort of qualifications they looked for in hiring dolphin trainers. Anytime we had a research project in school, I did mine about dolphins. At one point, I sewed a bed sheet into a nose and fins to wear as a dolphin costume.
    Since then, my dreams have changed.
    I caught the travel bug and seem to always want to be in motion. I dream of adventure and discovery and spontaneity and foreign lands. All my research in school has now changed to human trafficking. I dream of living abroad and fighting modern day slavery. I want to watch the father heal women who have believed lies about their bodies and their worth and their purpose.

  3. Erin:

    One of my huge dreams right now is for Rediscovered. I want it to grow into a ministry that can really help girls and woman become who God created them to be. I know this is already starting to happen because I can see how much my life has changed just in the few months since we’ve started the blog. I’ve spent so much of my time downplaying my desire to make a difference by writing and teaching, but I think God has gifted me in these areas and I am excited to be using them!

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