My husband and I (Erin) have been apartment hunting the past few weeks. As I’ve read reviews on some of the complexes we’re looking at, I’ve realized just how negative we can be about where we live — totally ignoring the awesome stuff to nit pick about the noisy neighbors, the color carpet, and the closet space. I, for one, have been known to complain, but when I think about how many worse living situations there are around the world, I am truly thankful. Why is your house, apartment or dorm awesome? Why are you thankful to live where you do right now? Leave a snap below or on the facebook page!


Snaps For Your Home

3 thoughts on “Snaps For Your Home

  1. One of the many reasons I love my new little house is that its yellow! I love the color of yellow on any home. It’s just so bright, cheery, and happy! I also like the color yellow because it seems cute and quaint to me. I also am thankful that our space is small. We don’t need a lot and I am just as content in a small, older home as opposed to a bigger, new one.

  2. On facebook:

    Erin:This is my and Aaron’s last week in our first home together. We have loved it and been so blessed. It is the perfect location for us and it is a good size and comfortable. We have been so blessed with the many people who have spent time in our home. Having people over is one of our favorite things to do. I know I’ll always love wherever we live, but this first apartment will always be special to me.

    Laura: I’m so blessed to have an awesome apartment with a hilarious little old Italian lady for a landlord named Antonia. It has so much space for our little town. You could raise three kids there! (But as my husband says, “why would you have three kids?”)

  3. Whitney: We live in an apartment because Tony is still in grad school. One thing I am super thankful for is the size of our closets. We have three, yes, three, HUGE closets in a two bedroom apt. One can hold two dressers and all (well, most) of my clothes and one holds our washer and dryer. Which leads me to my other love, our washer and dryer 🙂

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