I heard Tim Keller say the other day in the Gospel in Life study that just coming to and sitting in a church service isn’t community; it’s just being a part of a crowd. True community is having a group of people around us to share life with us, encourage us, and challenge us. Do you have a small group, a Sunday school class, or an awesome group of friends that you would consider your community? Leave a snap for them below or on the facebook page.

Happy beginning of a new week and a new month!

– Erin & Whitney


Snaps for Community

2 thoughts on “Snaps for Community

  1. From the blog:

    Katie: I love my Church community. It truly is like we are a family. We pray, laugh, cry, serve, and many other things together. We are so diverse and yet it is a small piece of the Body of Christ. We all have our talents and they compliment each other beautifully with Christ as the Head.

    Laura: I want to leave snaps for the awesome Dinner Group leaders who have worked hard to build community for me over the last few years. They have helped me develop a love for the people of my town. They’ve also planned some awesome events that set the stage for sharing life with those around us in an intimate way. Thank you, Clara, Joanna, Marie, Amy, Vanessa, Courtney, and Lyla!

    Erin: Snaps for Aaron’s and my awesome life group! We enjoy so much eating, conversing, playing games, and studying the Bible with them. I have learned so much and been so encouraged by Cynthia, Cecily, Amanda, Beth, Natalie, Jamie, and Mariah and I know Aaron has been encouraged by your husbands as well!

  2. Whitney: Although I have a home church, My husband and I go to a Bible study every Sunday afternoon with some friends from another church. There are three or four different churches represented. We love getting to see what everyone is doing in the community and getting to know Christians outside of our normal sphere. I have learned so much from being part of another group where we are all from different places, learning different things, studying the Bible in different ways and thinking differently, but biblically.

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