Happy new week to all! Today we’re leaving snaps for our siblings. Siblings are usually some of  our first friends, and growing up with them teaches us how to relate with other people. Why is your brother or sister the best there is? Comment below or on the facebook page!

– Erin & Whitney

P.S. If you don’t have any siblings, those might-as-well-be-my-sister relationships are definitely acceptable too!


Snaps for Siblings

4 thoughts on “Snaps for Siblings

  1. From facebook:

    Katie: I have wonderful sisters. We may have fought from time to time, but we really do love each other. I think what I appreciate most is that we rally around each other when times get tough…I’m blessed!

    Erin: I am so thankful for my brother Drew Flippin. I know a lot of people can’t say this about their siblings, but I actually enjoy being around him and he is one of my best friends. He has always supported me, encouraged me, and posted funny videos and buzzfeed lists to my facebook.

  2. Laura: Today I want to say thank you to my brother, Austin. It can’t be easy being the only boy, surrounded by sisters, but he’s somehow managed to grow into one of the most amazing guys I know. He has a drive that combined with his crazy likability is going to take him places. He’s uber-talented and you should all go download his CD right now. I’ve been lucky enough to have seasons of growth in my relationships with my sisters, but I’m ready for it to be his turn. I want to get to know him better as we grow up.

  3. I absolutely love my sister, Cassy. She is my best friend. No matter what is going on, we both know that we can talk to each other in complete honesty. She helps me to see the realistic side of situations and I am always grateful for her perspective. Currently she is studying at a college many hours away and I miss her so much. It is often that I think, “if only cas were here!”. I miss our bed time talks and our crazy laughs. I am grateful to have a sister, and a strong relationship with a sister like her!

  4. Whitney: I love my sister. We weren’t very close growing up because our personalities are very different. But as we have gotten older and grown up a little, I have come to realize the value of having her in my life. She is a great wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend … You name it and she’s amazing!

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