Do you have someone in your life who has really invested into you? Someone who has helped make you who you are today? Having a mentor in your life —  whether a family member, teacher, boss, or friend, is a huge gift! Who has invested into your life and why are they so awesome? Leave a snap for them below or on the facebook page!

Have a happy Monday!

-Erin & Whitney


Snaps for Mentors

3 thoughts on “Snaps for Mentors

  1. On facebook:

    Laura: Snaps for my AMAZING boss, Pam. The other young women in the office go to her for advice and I’m lucky enough to just turn in my chair and ask her anything I want, all day long. I’m sad to see her go on maternity leave but so grateful for what she has taught me at this job and how she has fostered my abilities. We call each other BFF!

  2. Whitney: I have so many people who have poured into my life, but two ladies I must give credit to are my adopted grandma Barbara and my previous Sunday School teacher Mrs. Leslie. These ladies showed me a true picture of what a godly woman should look like from running a home to ministry to husbands to friends and mentoring and keeping your own personality, these women were there during a very influential part of my life and were some of the best influences God could have blessed me with. I love them and hold my time with them close to my heart.

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