Today, after my alarm went off, I (Erin) laid in bed for 45 minutes, refusing to move, cursing that darn Daylight Saving Time, and wishing I lived in Arizona. DST messed my sleep schedule up and things like that can throw my day completely off. This is a little thing, but why are you thankful for Daylight Saving time? Comment below or on the facebook page.

Also, because our readership has expanded since we started Snaps back in November, we wanted to make sure everyone knows what snaps are. Snaps are basically a Negative Nelly’s Anonymous, a chance to say “Hi, I’m ______ and I have a problem with complaining.” Every week we’ll give you a topic to be thankful for, to be positive about. We talk about big things and small things (like DST), and you write a comment, a little note of gratefulness, a warm fuzzy. Cool? Cool. Now start writing those snaps!

And in case you missed Legally Blonde 2, here’s where snaps come from

– Erin and Whitney


Snaps for Daylight Saving Time

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