We’re often told, especially in Christian circles, to be content with where we are, bloom where we’re planted, be happy where God has us. It can be difficult when the same people who are telling us this are asking us “When are you going to graduate/get a new job/start dating/get married/buy a house/have kids?” Sound familiar? Every stage and season has life has good and bad, but today we’re gonna look at the good! Students, singles, married, mothers: why are you thankful for this season of your life? Comment below or on the facebook page!


Snaps for your Season

2 thoughts on “Snaps for your Season

  1. From Melissa W. posted on Facebook – “Yes! I will never forget my dad was on his “soap box” one night about how the problem with this country started when women went to work, and that most of our problems as a country would be fixed if women would stay home. Well being a HS senior he also impressed on me (and throughout my whole school career) how I had to have straight A’s to get a good job and college scholarship. So that particular night I confronted him. I said that he was right we should stay at home. So what’s the point in spending all the time an money necessary for going to college? Why am I “killing” myself for something that should be useless and that you fundamentally disagree with? He didn’t have an answer for that so I eventually went to college. For a while. And now my husband and I run our own business from home.”

  2. Also on facebook:

    Whitney: I’m so thankful for this difficult season of life. It’s hard, there’s no doubt, and most of the pressure is what I put on myself, but I have learned so much from these early months of our marriage, my first real job, starting this blog and so many other things that I just can’t give enough props to God for what He’s teaching me. Even though it’s tough, I know that this time of life is giving me such a great foundation for the future.

    Erin: These last couple years have been a huge season of change for me. Life as an adult, new job, new ministries, and, of course, marriage. It is so challenging, but I have loved it. I am happy to be at a place where things are changing but I am okay with it. For once in my life, I’m not looking forward to the “next big thing.” There are ministry opportunities in my life right now that would not be there in other seasons of life. God is good.

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