I don’t know about you, but when I find myself having a negative attitude, I can usually trace it back to a negative thought about myself. How we view ourselves plays a huge role in how we view things and people around us. We’ve already had snaps for our bodies, so today just write a positive note about the person that you are!

– Erin and Whitney

What are “snaps” all about? Check it out here and see the video here


Snaps for Yourself

2 thoughts on “Snaps for Yourself

  1. I am compassionate — I think 😉 — most of the time. Sometimes it can get a person walked on, but most of the time, people see that you actually care, and that makes a difference. I’d rather be compassionate and get used up, than apathetic and never show anyone the deep love of Christ. – Whitney

  2. I like that I am outgoing and a people-person. I like putting people at ease even if I have to make a fool of myself to do it. Sometimes my confidence is totally an act, but I find that if I act confident, enthusiastic, and outgoing, I become those things – Erin

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