Every city and town across the U.S. has one thing in common: its constituents will always find something to complain about. Today’s your day to stop! Rep your hood below of on the facebook page!


-Erin and Whitney


Snaps for your Town

One thought on “Snaps for your Town

  1. From the facebook page:

    Laura: I love my little town! Hoboken, NJ is one square mile, so it’s easily walkable and has tons of cute local shops and eateries, but it also has 50,000 people who all feel like lovely next door neighbors. With a gorgeous view across the river of NYC and a great commute of less than 30 minutes to midtown manhattan, it’s all the perks of New York with lots of personality. I have found amazing community here and hope to some day raise kids here and even still be living here when my husband and I retire. Hurricane Sandy be darned, we’re the best little city in Jersey!

    Erin: I love living in Memphis. It gets a bad rap sometimes because of all the crime and racial tension. Even though that’s hard to deal with, I love that I don’t live in a bubble and that I’m in a city where I’m surrounded by people not like me. I love that at my job I get to work with people living in low income areas and that I get to help them. It’s awesome to get to live in a mission field. Besides all that, I love our church, all the different areas of town, and the amazing food!

    Whitney: I was born and raised in Jonesboro, Ark. I have been known to run around without shoes, but only in the park and the last time I wore overalls was when I was about five, lol. We are mostly normal here It’s a small town of about 70,000, but it’s grown into it’s own little hub. Probably what I love most is the small-bigness of the town and of course that I was basically born with a Southern drawl! Love it!

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