Does it seem a little weird to you to have snaps for God in the middle of all these other snaps? Yeah, it does to me to. The cool thing though is that God is in the middle of our everyday life. He’s above it and beyond it, but He’s also in the middle of it.

Every “snap” is really about God — thanking Him for our friends, family, etc, but today we’re going to specifically thank Him for Him. What’s something about God that’s been blowing you away lately?

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-Erin and Whitney


Snaps for God

2 thoughts on “Snaps for God

  1. The thing that is blowing me away about God recently is just how much He is a part of the everyday things in my life. I pray for safety as I’m in heavy traffic, for patience, for His loving embrace upon those who are suffering and normally I still anxious, impatient and worried. Yet, recently I genuinely feel a wave of peace come over me. Along with that, I feel His love surrounding the peace. He cares about every part of our lives and wants us to share with Him as we would our best friend. I see Him as my Ultimate Friend, among many other titles 🙂

  2. I am thankful for how He never leaves us. I am reminded of His promise that if we seek Him we will find Him – (Jer. 29:13). I have been seeking Him with my heart lately and not just my actions or my words, but simply my sincere, emotion filled heart. He has failthfully, as HIs promise says, come to me when I seek Him. So I suppose I am thankful for His promises, and His nearness.

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