In light of what happened in Connecticut on Friday, we are going to deviate slightly from our normal Monday “snaps” and give you an opportunity to leave a note of praise or encouragement for whatever you feel thankful for. Tragedies like these often make us realize the everyday things we take for granted. I know that this past weekend I’ve been blown away with thankfulness for all my loved ones, all the wonderful children in my life, and teachers of all kinds who are willing to give of themselves for their students. Above all, I’m thankful for a God who walks through trials with us, not just because He’s always with us, but because He went through the pain of human life too. He also went through the pain of losing a Son. He weeps with us and comforts us when things are not like they are supposed to be.
¬†So let’s leave a note of thankfulness today for those things that we normally take for granted. Comment below or on our Facebook page.
– Erin and Whitney

Slight Deviation from Normal “Snaps”

One thought on “Slight Deviation from Normal “Snaps”

  1. From the facebook page:

    Whitney: I’m thankful that God never leaves. We may step away from Him, we may try to run and hide. But He is always there. He is the light that guides us and is waiting ever so patiently for us to come back to Him. And when we do turn to Him, He runs toward us, arms open. No condemnation. And for the gift of His Holy Spirit, always pressing, always moving, always showing God to us and always teaching us how to be more like Christ.

    Erin: I am just so thankful that we don’t have a god who offers trite advice or easy answers in difficult circumstances. Every other religion tries to offer some kind of answer that just doesn’t measure up. God gives us Himself and walks through it with us. Christmas is such a beautiful picture of that.

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