It happens almost every Monday.  I wake up in a complete daze, not knowing who I am, where I am or what this annoying beeping sound is. Then it hits me. It’s Monday. I have to actually get out of  bed, get ready and go to work. I complain inwardly while doing the absolute bare minimum it takes to look halfway decent and drive to work, still in an unpleasant fog. Ever been there?

I realized a few weeks ago how selfish I was being. I look around and see how many people I know are either out or work, underemployed or working at a job they hate. Not only am I blessed enough to have a job, but I love it and God is using it to provide my needs. Complaining because I don’t wanna get out of bed is just pretty crazy.

So, I thought it only appropriate on this Monday morning that we leave snaps for our jobs! Whether it’s your dream job or not, I’ll bet you have something to be grateful for! Comment below and have an excellent Monday!

– Erin and Whitney

P.S. Students, volunteers, stay-at-home moms — you definitely have a job even if you’re not getting paid for it. You are not left out of this one, leave a snap for the work you do everyday!


Snaps for your job

3 thoughts on “Snaps for your job

  1. Erin here! I love that I get to help people and help further the spread of the Gospel through my job. We had a dental clinic recently where we had dentists come in for 4 days to give dental care to low income families. While the patients were there we got to share the Gospel with them. What I do is definitely not always that hands on, but I always try to see the far-reaching results of my everyday routines and tasks.

  2. I love working with my kids everyday. Their sweet faces and innocent faith remind me to have the faith of a child. I love that we can teach, pray, and discuss openly with our students about Christ. I enjoy the families that we get to come in contact with and the impact we can make as their child’s teacher. I love giving students a firm foundation in faith, biblical knowledge, worship, and prayer. I also am very thankful for my co-workers whom I can talk to deeply, who I trust, who encourage me, and who are like-minded. I am so blessed that this job is growing and stretching me as a professional, and as follower of Jesus. I am grateful for His unexpected blessings!!

  3. Here’s some snaps from our facebook page:

    Whitney: Wow! I love this!! I feel this way sometimes, just b/c I hate waking up early, lol. But I work with the sweetest girls! And we also get the last week of the year off, so that’s a plus 🙂

    Laura: I love my job and I love my boss- they’re both interested in developing me and making sure that I maintain a good work-life balance and keep my focus on God and family. Even if they have a cranky day or make me wake up super early for Monday meetings, I love them. =)

    Katie: I love my job because I get to be where I am needed. There is something so special about working with children of all ages. Yet, at the high school level it’s special. They are so close to becoming their own person. I can love them with the love of Christ, be a good role model to them, and hopefully make a small impact on the type of people they become. Also, the staff I work with is like family. We are accountable and helpful to one another.

    Loving these snaps, y’all! Let’s keep the thankfulness going!

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