We just wanted to say a quick thank you for being a part of Rediscovered so far! We are so excited to finally be sharing the vision God placed on our hearts almost two years ago. Our heart is not to divide, but to unify; we don’t want to do anything to offend any potential readers or estrange any groups of people. We just want to share our different experiences and what we have learned because of them. With that being the nature of this blog, we wanted to make a few things clear:

1. We are not church bashers

We are well aware that we are part of the church. So when we say, “the church should be doing this,” we are saying that we will be the first ones to try it. That’s why we’re here. Our hope is that in pointing out ways we (not they) have failed in the past, we will be able to offer practical solutions for how we can improve things together. Jesus will work through the church to accomplish His purpose and we want to be a part of that.

2. We believe in appropriate honesty

Some of the topics on this blog are sensitive and slightly awkward, and our desire is to be honest — not offensive. We will share truth about all areas of life, but plan to do so in an appropriate and Christlike way. For this reason, we will keep some of our guest posts anonymous, we will shy away from details in certain instances, and we will edit and re-edit posts to make sure we keep a balance of both openness and modesty.

3. The Bible is our basis

All truth is God’s truth, so we will share truth from wherever we find it. However, we believe that the Bible should always be what we filter all thoughts through. The Bible is our ultimate foundation and we make no apologies for that. If it’s not your ultimate foundation, this blog is still for you! We hope you’ll still be a part and find truth and wisdom with us.

If you have any questions for us, never hesitate to let us know! You can contact us here.

We are praying for you as you walk through this beautiful, sometimes crazy life.
Erin & Whitney


Just a little gratefulness …

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